Dakota Humphries


    21-6 Productions					Greenwood Village, CO.
    Programmer May 2010 - Present
    • In charge of learning and implementing new technologies.
    • Designed and developed websites.
    • Tested games to ensure quality.
    • Developed tools to speed the production time of Rock Band songs.
    • Developed and tested songs for the Rock Band Network.
    Warren Tech High School					Lakewood, CO.
    Teaching Assist / Tutor Sept 2009 - May 2010
    • Help students understand code they write and errors they come across.
    • Taught new programming concepts to the class.


    Rockstar Rising - Social music discovery game Feburary 2012 - Present
    Programmer (21-6 Productions)
    • Implemented my music and midi playback API from my earlier music game prototypes.
    • Implemented the Actionscript 3 Facebook SDK (status updates, requests, high scores, achievements, actions, and purchases).
    • Did early design of the social user interface.
    • Implemented Scaleform to host our flash game on iOS.
    • Learned and implemented iOS SDKs (Facebook, Game Center, In App Purchase).
    • Designed and implemented a patching system to keep the iOS game on the save version that is on Facebook without having to publish an update in the App Store.
    • Created a tool that generates MD5 info for all game files. This info is used for iOS patching.
    Various Music Game Prototypes - Testing out new game ideas June 2011 - Feburary 2012
    Programmer (21-6 Productions)
    • Created an API that parses midi files and plays back in sync with music.
    • Created various games where the midi files drove the AI in the game.
    Gadget Works - Educational flash game October 2010 - May 2011
    Programmer (21-6 Productions)
    • Designed and implemented technology to fetch questions based on the user’s selected curriculum from the server using Actionscript 3.
    • Designed and implemented a ‘Tips’ application to run alongside the game to help users understand the question concepts using Actionscript 3.
    • Designed and implemented the curriculum selection interface.
    • Helped implement goal and achievement tracking.
    DimensionU Website - Educational game hub October 2010 - May 2011
    Programmer (21-6 Productions)
    • Designed and implemented the frontend of the website using Photoshop and ASP.NET
    • Implemented some backend code to display progress of current goals to the user using ASP.NET
    Orbz Netbook - 3D action arcade game July 2010 - October 2010
    Quality Assurance Tester (21-6 Productions)
    • Orbz Netbook is a remake of the award winning game Orbz from 2002. The game was remade to support netbooks.
    • Tested the game to find bugs.
    • Wrote detailed instructions on how to reproduce the bugs so the developers could fix them.
    Runway - Tool to speed up the creation of Rock Band songs May 2010 - March 2012
    Programmer (21-6 Productions) - Solo project
    • Runway is a tool used to aid in the production of Rock Band songs for the Rock Band Network. Runway works by combining all of the separate track files (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Events/Venue/Beat) and creates a single MIDI file using the information from those files. Rather than someone having to manually copy and paste each track into a single file and then exporting a MIDI file.
    • Created the tool from scratch after analyzing the file structure of a Reaper Project.
    • Parsed Reaper project files for song data using C# and .NET
    • Combined multiple Reaper projects into a single MIDI file using C# and .NET
    • Implemented error checking of the MIDI data based off of set rules to ensure the quality of the song.
    Supernova Blindside - Turn based strategy game set in space Feb 2009 - June 2009
    Project Lead - Five month team project (4 members)
    • Scheduled and managed progress of the game using Microsoft Project and Excel.
    • Implemented player profile saving and loading using Lua.
    • Communicated between the team, external producer, and art director.
    • Helped create design and technical documentation used in the development process.
    • Created a FMOD wrapper to handle all sounds including 3D sound effects.
    • Adhered to milestone deliverables (Alpha, Beta, and Gold).
    Chemical Fighter - 2D side-scrolling shooter		         June 2008 - July 2009
    Interface Lead - Two month team project(4 members)
    • Designed and implemented the user interface using C++ and Photoshop.
    • Created a DirectShow wrapper for video playback.
    • Created a stack-based state machine so menus could be displayed on top of each other.
    • Created a XInput wrapper to handle Xbox 360 controller input.
    Equalizer - Music based shooter Feb 2009
    Animation Programmer - 48-hour team project (5 members)
    • Global Game Jam event
    • Implemented the animation engine from a previous project.
    • Created all animations using assets provided by our artist and an animation editor from a previous project.
    • Worked with 3 other programmers to analyze music beats with FMOD to spawn music notes.
    FFXI .dat Changer - tool to aid players of Final Fantasy XI    Mar 2008
    Lead Programmer - One week solo project
    • C# file I/O that moved files to different folders giving the player an edge at claiming a monster when it spawned.


    Programming: C, C++, C#, Java, XML, x86 Assembly, MySQL, TCP/IP, UDP, Actionscript 3, Objective-C
    API's: DirectX 9.0c, OpenGL, FMOD, .NET, Facebook (Actionscript 3 and iOS), Scaleform Mobile
    Software: Visual Studio 2010, Tortoise SVN, Alienbrain, Maya 2008, MS Office 2010, Visio, Project, Adobe CS5 (Photoshop, Flash, Flash Builder, Dreamweaver), 3DS Max 2009, Mantis Bug Tracker, Jira Issue and Project Tracker, Xcode


    Pride Award for excellence and professionalism in area of study.	Mar 2006


    Full Sail University					Winter Park, FL.
    Bachelor of Science in Game Development June 2009
    Red Rocks Community College Lakewood, CO.
    Concentration in Computer Science and Japanese Aug 2006 - May 2007