Supernova Blindside


2415. The Sun has collapsed, victim of a fusion halting weapon wielded by a malicious race known as the Xar’xix. Earth is destroyed, obliterated by the star’s violent death. The last vestiges of humanity, the Remnants, have taken refuge at their assailant’s doorstep. Discovered at long last, the Xar’xix aim to complete what they started hundreds of years ago. Acquire, expand, and upgrade your armada of ships to keep pace with waves of Xar’xix craft sent to erase humanity’s presence in the galaxy. Choose from 5 unique ships designed to give you maximum flexibility in eliminating your foe. Turn the Xar’xix’s weapons against them by destroying stars, planets, and create black holes on their own turf. Take from them what they took from you.

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Supernova Blindside.exe Game Document ("Game Bible")